Interview with my sister

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Here’s a good interview my BAFTA winning sister (yep!!) gave talking about her latest classical release called ‘Duende’. It gives an interesting insight into writing classical music. Check it out. Also buy the CD. Nice one!


Skyline of Paris

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More of these to come with new songs from the album…I recorded this in my home studio yesterday.



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We’re not far off completing the mix for the new record now…phew..sounding epic…Am back on twitter and facebook too now, so keep an eye on that and upcoming gigs…


Perth Concert Hall this Saturday…can’t wait…

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Royal Albert Hall

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Wohoo, got to play at the Royal Albert Hall! I have seen a few gigs there and never thought I would play the same place as all these musicians I used to read about when I was learning the guitar. I remember staring at a Jimi Hendrix picture of him on stage there. It was a fantastic opportunity, we loved it and I thought we played pretty well. We are mixing the new album as I type, not long now…and tour dates for later in the year soon to be announced…



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Just sat backstage at the De Le Warr Pavillion in Bexhill looking forward to playing tonight. Tomorrow we head to Torquay, then a day off (Bevis and I are off to do a bit of piano recording), then we play Salisbury and finish up in London at the Royal Albert Hall. We had a great rehearsal yesterday in London. The undercarriage protector on the bottom of my car fell off on the way here earlier, so I fixed it up with gaffer tape…let’s hope it holds.

For those of you that might hear us play tonight, hope you enjoyed the gig. If you sign up to my mailing list using the form above then I will let you know when I am on tour later this year with my band…



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Paul Gilbody, THE world expert Moog player, consults the manual, to check something, whilst recording my new album, which may be called ‘BEYOND THE SERENADE’

One thing that’s not really floating my boat at the moment is all the interviews with musicians where they talk about ‘markets’ and their seemingly faulty barometers of success etc. Thing is, you have to just ask yourself – what am I doing? Why am I doing this? Because it’s fun, that’s what / why. It’s not for adoration or needing attention or breaking markets or selling millions of records. Who gives a shit? I mean, well, I have played to more than my fair share of sparse rooms in my time, nevermind, I know those of you that came had a jolly old time and so did I (once we all got over it being a bit weird). Thing is, writing music and playing it live, that’s all you need. Yeah I could do with some more money right now, but nevermind, I would just spend it on a new guitar, some crap from ikea and a lot of beer – and I only need the latter. If you concentrate on markets and pleasing people, well, it’s just gonna make you depressed I reckon. Just make some music, make a CD, do some gigs, try to make it not crap. Maybe that’s why I am not very successful (yet).

Anyway, can’t wait for the gigs the week after next, a welcome respite from finishing this new album…



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My sister has a concert in NYC soon…

“British Academy Award-winning composer Jane Antonia Cornish is a rising talent on the international scene, with many other awards and distinctions to her credit. Known primarily for her remarkable film scores, she has also garnered well-deserved acclaim for her accessible and skillfully wrought symphonic and chamber compositions. In her debut release on Delos, three of her stunning chamber works are offered in world premiere recordings: winningly delivered by the Lee Trio, as well as a roster of top-notch solo and chamber musicians.”

Any of you over there grab those tix HERE


Some gigs…

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Here is Dougal at the studio we were in last week wondering how it could be that a fourth album might be taking so long…nearly there…

Anyway, doing for gigs shortly supporting Alison Moyet again.  Wohoo.  Will have Bevis in tow too, in case you missed him when I was on tour at the end of last year.  Dates are:

30 March – De Le Warr Pavillion, Bexhill
31 March – Princes Theare, Torquay
2 April – Salsbury City Hall
3 April – Royal Albert Hall

Hope you are all well,

Album 4 Update…

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Hi All

Sorry for disappearing on you, off facebook and twitter and all.  Anyway, will get back on the promotional case soon because we are nearing the end of the album four process, finally.  At the moment, it’s kind of long – looking at 14 tracks at the moment, but it’s sounding good.  Recording brass on Monday, a touch of accordian next Sunday then the final strings on 26th Feb.  Then it just needs to be mixed, mastered and manufactured.

Tour dates and all that stuff to follow…