04 Aug

New Video & Glad Cafe


This is picture of the set-up from my show last night at The Glad Café in Glasgow.  It’s such a great little venue with an old piano which is full of character.  I played for about an hour and forty five minutes and tried out some of the new stuff I have been writing.  New songs I played last night were these – WhoIp (that’s intentional, you need to hear the song to pronounce it but you say it as it is written), Whatever you Make of It, The Stich and the Seam, Leave It and So Much More to Find.  There were a few others I was going to try but it’s kind of weird when you’re at the stage where you have quite a few albums under your belt, you end up with too much material…

Anyway, more tour  dates for later in the year to be announced soon.  In the meantime, here is the version of ‘Rely’ that I play live:



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