17 Dec

Merry Christmas

Well, I had hoped to get this new album before Christmas, but alas it takes fuckin ages to get songs the way you want em when you are recording.  You write them, then come the arrangements.  And that’s why rock bans of old would spend months and months in studios, because you can arrange things whatever way you like.  But feeling good about this new album.  As I get older I really feel like I have grasp on what I want and what’s a good song.  It’s all about the song for me.   So much music these days is in the production, but there’s no song underneath.  Each year there are always exceptions, like this year Rag n Bone Man’s Human, which is just amazing.  Like Hozier’s Take me to Church and Gotier’s Somebody that I Use to Know.  Anyway, loving where I am living at the moment.  Renting this place by the sea in Dunbar and it’s amazing to see the sea every day.  A great place to record.  Today have been singing all day.  A rare run of days without kids helping me out with  the recording ;-)


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