27 Sep

Cornbury Video & Update


Whilst I was playing at the Cornbury Music Festival this summer Matt Green filmed me singing a new song of mine wandering the site.  You’ll see at one point I nearly took someone’s head off with my guitar as they ran past me.  The headliner was Bryan Adams, a joyous drunk evening that was.  I didn’t realise I knew all his songs…

I then went onto play a home gig at Dunbar’s Daytripper Festival.  My kids came and watched.  My youngest wee boy Felix was right up the front and after each song he jumped up with his arms in the air and shouted ‘yeeeeeahhhh, well done Dad’.  It was good.

Then last weekend it was off to Newcastle to my friend’s WellyFest, which was a superb day, involving many jaegerbombs. It’s always handy to have someone bring you spirits during your set.   Made playing Hang on the Word more challenging than usual.

And then I have been writing new stuff again in my new studio set up in our garage in our new place by the sea.   It used to be a stables back in 1800 and now it’s a small house.  We have been lighting fires out the front and watching the sea.


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