19 Oct

Playing Outside & Animations

I was down in London at the weekend playing a private gig at the Kensington Roof Gardens.  It was a beautiful occasion and a funny thing to be up on the rooftops of Kensington surrounded by Flamingos.  We had the classic problem too…will it rain…will it be sunny…I set up the PA, piano, all the clobber etc., indoors, then the sun came out.  So, I binned the amplification, sat on a step outside and strummed the guitar for a while.  Acoustic guitars sound so much better not plugged in, even more so outside.  Lately I have neglected the guitar in favour of the piano, but more and more I am back to the guitar again.  I was writing some new songs the other day on the guitar and it felt good.  Let’s see how the next album turns out…

On that note…it’s so annoying being compared to Coldplay all the time.  I have always been compared to Coldplay.  I guess my voice sounds a bit like his but I feel like my stuff is quite different.  I know that music gets compared all the time, but…urgh…I even had a thing happen a few years ago where I had read a Coldplay comparison in a review, then was on the way to the train and this drunk guy stopped me and said – ‘you look just like that bloke off Coldplay’.  Bloody hell.  Well, I am wondering whether these days my voice sounds better lower…so perhaps I am going to go for Lampchop comparisons with the next album…

Here’s something I did the music for recently.  I enjoyed it.


And I have done quite a few other things for TV over the years.  I was thinking the other day I need to put together a new showreel.  It was a long time ago now but seems only like yesterday that I spent ages watching Julia Bradbury walk up hills and writing the music…


That’s it for now.


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