08 Nov

Alison Moyet Gig

I have been spending as much time as I can writing new songs.  I have about 7 that are looking good.  One I wrote yesterday I have been listening to on repeat on my headphones and playing along to on the piano.  The lyrics are all over the place but the chords and melodies and what I want to happen musically are all in place.  So the next job for me is to write out exactly what I think I sang on the demo, try to make sense of it, and help it to become what it was trying to be.  I am pretty sure everything to start with comes from deep within the subconscious.

Last Thursday also brought me a trip down memory lane.  I went to watch Alison Moyet sing at the Usher Hall in Edinburgh.   I have only ever watched Alison Moyet having opened the show as her support act, so when I sat in my chair with my gin and tonic and watched the final adjustments being made to the stage before her current support act, Hannah Peel (who is excellent by the way), all the memories of me being backstage getting ready to come on came flooding back.  As the lights went down and Hannah came on I got a little bit nervous, then realised I was sat in the audience and was pleased to see plenty of gin and tonic left in my plastic cup.  Alison and her band of John Garden and Sean McGhee absolutely nailed it.  It’s such a privilege to watch the real pros doing their thing.  Here is an old video showing us backstage back when I first was the support act:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GA1jPheRxzs.  Interestingly, I seem to have put up the rough mix of You’re Not The One That I Love Anymore on this video, which ended up being on Call Back.  It’s strange to think at the time of this video I only had one album out.  I am now working on number six.  Don’t time fly and all that.

Once the show was over I ran off up Princes Street to catch the last train home, got another two gin and tonics from the shop, those ones in cans, for the train and watched the night go by.  I see that Alison is writing a tour blog at the moment and it’s a really interesting read.  Check it out – https://www.alisonmoyetblog.com/


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