01 Dec

Writing and Making It

Ah well, I was reading a blog post, the last one on the website by a guy who is really talented and goes by the name of Mr Fogg, who I was aware of because for a time we shared the same manager.  He had written a book, which was the subject of his last blog, called ‘How to nearly make it’. I looked it up on amazon and did the look inside preview thing, and on the preface he really put himself down, saying other people had more talent and it was down to hard work.  Well, look ‘ere Mr Fogg, first up music isn’t about making it it’s about doing it for your own self satisfaction.  Second, don’t give yourself a hard time, you made great music (he really has).  Damn.  I listened to an interview on radio 1 the other day and the singer talked about the marketing plan and her career. When I was 14 and went to see Guns n’ Roses at Wembley Stadium I don’t remember Axl chatting about careers.  They wrote songs, kicked them out and plugged away, that’s the pleasure.  So much these days singers and bands forget where the pleasure started.  The joy is in playing the instruments, singing the songs, fucking up, making it right.  It doesn’t really matter if no-one’s listening or 20 million people are.  The pleasure of music lies in the simple things, like tonight when I emailed some venues to finalise the dates for my next little tour and got really excited, then thought about what to play at the gig at the gallery next week nearby and then sat at the piano after the kids had watched boss baby…and I worked out my new song.  Here below is a snippet of it.   This is what it is all about.



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