22 Oct

Band Rehearsal Video

We rehearsed up a load of the new songs the other day and if you head to the media page of the site you will see a video showing us at work…it was a lot of fun playing with a band again after such a long period of time of playing live solo in support […]

07 Oct

New Video – How I wrote the song ‘Work the Fields

I have put together a little video from my studio showing you how I went about writing one of the new songs off the new album called “Work the Fields”.  You can watch it by clicking HERE Tickets for my headline tour with my band later this year are on sale now - see the ‘tour’ page […]

26 Sep


Here are some photos from our rehearsals the other weekend…Photos courtesy of Connor Pearce, who also did some filming (more of that to come…)    

23 Sep

New Video – Footnote on the Page

Here is a video for the opening song off the new album.  Hope you like it.  We rehearsed and did a small gig with a new enlarged band this weekend and it is going to sound off the scale.  I was REALLY worried how we were going to pull off the new tunes actually, because […]

18 Aug

2014 Tour Dates On Sale Now

I will be on tour with the band later this year and all the dates are now listed on the ‘tour’ page. If you have any requests from the back catalogue drop me an email and let me know, and we’ll put it into the setlist.

18 Aug

I’ll Never Learn

Here is a new video live from my studio, hope you enjoy it.  The album version has Kathryn Williams singing the most beautiful backing vocals…    

Bush Hall
07 Aug

Skyline of Paris

I have been recording a load of videos from my studio and started off with this one, an old one, to remind you all who I am!  Yeah, it’s taken a long time to make this new album, but I think / hope you’ll find the wait was worth it!  Hope you enjoy this video. […]

06 May

Royal Albert Hall

Wohoo, got to play at the Royal Albert Hall! I have seen a few gigs there and never thought I would play the same place as all these musicians I used to read about when I was learning the guitar. I remember staring at a Jimi Hendrix picture of him on stage there. It was […]

RAH 2014